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The mission of the Division is to help NTU students to improve learning performance. The main services of the Division include academic tutoring and counseling, which comprises Individual Learning Consultation as well as the Learning Partners from the Dean's List; other duties include fostering students' passion for learning with the "More than Intelligence Lecture Series" and building students' learning skills with Learning Strategy Workshops. In addition, the Division works to integrate learning resources with the NTU Learning Resource Website and the Language Learning Resource Website. By sponsoring the Study Group Project, the Division fosters a reading-friendly atmosphere, in hopes of creating a diverse and complete learning environment. Finally, this division is responsible for operating The Learning Commons. Located in the basement of the main library, the Commons gives students a place to study that is both elegant and relaxing; The Commons is equipped with consultation rooms, a conference room, a round table area, and a sofa area. All NTU students are welcome to use the Learning Commons for meeting or getting free wireless internet access.



  • Course Tutoring Service
  • Discipline Study Subsidy Program
  • International Study Group Project
  • Individual Active Learning Project
  • Support Mechanisms for Students in Hope Program
  • Online Learning Resources Platform
  • Graduate Advancement Program